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This page provides a list of forms, fact sheets and other documents prepared by the Club or experienced members which are considered useful to other members in getting the most from the sport. They cover a range of topics including advice on improving skills, further training, etiquette, equipment check lists, bow & arrow selection and maintenance, etc.

Unless stated otherwise, all the documents are downloadable PDF files and their file sizes are given so that users can decide whether or not to download them.

Rounds & Classifications (web page)
This web page presents a set of twelve tables prepared by the Records Officer showing popular Imperial and Metric rounds, the arrows to be shot at each distance and the points required to achieve the various classifications. Individual Imperial and Metric tables are presented for Gents (incl boys) and Ladies (incl girls) shooting compound, recurve or longbows. The tables can be downloaded as PDF files (approx 75kb each) and are designed to fit an A4 page when printed.

How far do you walk? (web page)
A table showing the minimum distances you walk when shooting various rounds!

Handicaps & Classifications explained (web page)
A detailed explanation of how handicaps are allocated and maintained by the Records Officer for both indoor and outdoor shooting plus an introduction to the GNAS Classifications scheme. Aimed at the beginner, but also a useful reminder for old hands!

Nocks, Knots & Loops (300kb)
How to make tied nock points and 'D' loops for compound bows (tied nocks applicable to all bows).

Easton Tuning Guide (517kb)
Everything you need to know about setting up and tuning recurve and compound bows. Includes comprehensive section on arrows selection, components, assembly and maintenance.

Recurve Archers Reference Guide (801kb)
This comprehensive guide has sections on description of bows, their components and accessories, selection of equipment, setting up, tuning and maintenance, shooting techniques, training and problem solving. There is also a very handy glossary of archery terms (ideal for the beginner) and a large bibliography of reference material, including that available on the internet.

Longbow Reminder Sheet (292kb)
This document has two parts; a form for recording details about one's bow settings, arrows, etc, and a two-page explanation of terms used giving lists of options when selecting arrows and their components, etc. Although prepared for the longbow archer, much would be of interest to recurve archers.

Archer Data Sheet (5kb)
A handy form for recording details and settings of equipment.

Sight Markings (4kb)
A handy form for recording sight markings for two bows at both imperial and metric distances.

Privacy Policy (373kb)
The Club's Data Privacy Policy V2 updated in 2018 to comply with the new General Data Protection Regulation.

Constitution (548kb)
The Club's Constitution V11 including minor modificatiosn made at cmmittee meeting of 24/01/23.

Please contact the if you have any comments or suggestions for further items to include in this section.

Whilst the material accessible from this page is primarily intended for Club members, visitors are most welcome to make use of it, but please remember that all is subject to copyright.