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Kent Indoor Championships @ Ashford Archers

26th January 2020


Kent Indoor Champs 2020 Group Photo


Once again Bowmen Of Darenteford put on an excellent show at the Ashford Archers U.K. Record Status Portsmouth / Kent Indoor Championships. There were 3 sessions in total, each being a standard Portsmouth round, with Adam Brown & Claire Rosser-Davies shooting the 2nd session and then Leanne Kite, Antony Kite & Dan Sims joined them in the 3rd session. Unfortunately due to the shoot over-running we didn't have time to take photos with all the medals and trophies but here are the results (although the shoot was combined, the below scores are split between the Ashford Archers Portsmouth Shoot and the Kent Indoor Champs as not all archers were part of Kent);


Ashford Archers Portsmouth Results

Recurve Team: 1st Place - Antony Kite, Dan Sims & Leanne Kite

Barebow: 3rd Place - Adam Brown


Leanne was also a mere 7 points behind Rachael Hurle in 3rd place... Antony Kite was only 8 points behind Ryan Holden in 3rd place... and Adam Brown was only 2 points behind Barry Friend in 2nd place and would have beaten him had his 2nd round counted.


Kent Indoor Championships Results

Recurve Team: 1st Place - Antony Kite, Dan Sims & Leanne Kite

Gents Recurve: 3rd Place - Antony Kite

Ladies Recurve: 2nd Place - Leanne Kite

Ladies Recurve: 3rd Place - Claire Rosser-Davies

Barebow: 3rd Place - Adam Brown


We also won the team event by 64 points and Adam Brown also essentially took place for the "Double Portsmouth" round which broke the club record by 44 points that had stood for 10 years.