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4th June 2023

The Contenders & The Prizes
The Awards


Harvey Goodman
1st Gents h/c
Chris Brown
2nd Gents h/c
Dan Sims
3rd Gents h/c
Victoria Judson
1st Ladies h/c
Katy Fairman
2nd Ladies h/c
|Zoe Aurelia
3rd Ladies h/c
Harvey Tillett
1st Junior h/c
Zander Cassem
2nd Junior h/c
Zoe Aurelia
Best Gold



Gents: Harvey Goodman 1493
  Chris Brown 1492
  Dan Sims 1454
Ladies: Victoria Judson 1518
  Katy Fairman 1456
  Zoe Aurelia 1399
Juniors: Harvey Tillett 1460 (56 golds)
  Zander Cassem 1460 (7 golds)
Best gold Zoe Aurelia