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These medals are awarded to the archers who have made the greatest improvement to their handicap in the appropriate year. To qualify, an archer must have a starting handicap achieved from the previous year. The outdoor year is from 1st January to 31st December, and the indoor year is from 1st July to 30th June.

The outdoor medal is the property of GNAS, and the award will be published in the Archery UK magazine.
The indoor medal is a Club supplied initiative to recognise indoor achievement in a similar fashion.

The holders of these medals must wear them at all shoots, or pay a forfeit of 1.

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2020     2020/21  
2019 Claire Rosser-Davies   2019/20 Adam Brown
2018 Alex Kent   2018/19 Claire Rosser-Davies
2017 Jay Billen   2017/18 James Giles
2016 Sheila Flight   2016/17 Leanne Youseman
2015 Harvey Goodman   2015/16 Paul Dunham
2014 Michael Fleetwood   2014/15 Marc Carroll
2013 Bob Lee   2013/14 Amarildo Dervishi
2012 Jim Donoghue   2012/13 Elaine Eyers
2011 Adam Outram   2011/12 Steve Shaxted
2010 Elaine Eyers   2010/11 Keith Dowling
2009 Elaine Eyers   2009/10 Ed Knight
2008 Susanne Hayes   2008/09 Gordon Childs
2007 Ed Knight   2007/08 Philip Green
2006 Daniel Ellingham   2006/07 Kit Butler
2005 Adam Outram   2005/06 Clare Jones
2004 Clare Jones   2004/05 Rupert Jones
2003 Anna Marie Benning   2003/04 Suzanne Pease
2002 Gordon Childs   2002/03 Alan Unthank
2001 David Scovell   2001/02 Anna Marie Benning
2000 Mike Weeks   2000/01 Margaret Martin
1999 Peter Roberts   1999/00 Steven Barden
1998 Fred Hayes   1998/99 Francis Roberts
1997 Pauline Pringle   1997/98 Ann Marchant
1996 John Pringle   1996/97 Alison Munday
1995 Oliver Bolton      
1994 Steve Diddams      
1993 Faye Lamb      
1992 Cathy Diddams