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Welcome to the Bowmen of Darenteford Archery Club's Archives!

These archives hold some of the previously displayed web pages for posterity.  These pages present results and photos of earlier Club events and provide an insight into the Club's recent past.  They include many photos of members who have since moved on, hung up their quivers or, sadly, have joined the great archer in the sky.  Enjoy!  

The archives have divided into sections as following:

Club News - Highlights from Club News pages 2008-14

Club Champs - Reports & photos of Club Champs pages 2006-18

Club Competitions - Reports & photos of Club Competitions pages 2006-18

Away Events - Reports & photos of Away Competitions & events pages 2007-14

League Results - Bray 1, Portsmouth, Frostbite, Mid-Kent & West Kent League results c2003-18

Seasonal Highs - Indoor & outdoor seasonal high scores 2007-2018

Award Winners - Outdoor Champs & FITA competition winners pre-2003

Gallery Photos - Robin Hoods, 3 & 6 gold ends

Links to miscellaneous events opposite as labelled