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(19th Septmeber 2021)

A superb turn-out for the club champs this year and it's great to see so many new members taking part. We also had 11 new club records set on the day including an amazing new recurve club record of 690 set by Antony Kite.

As always a great event set-up and run by Antony Kite.

The Contenders & The Trophies

 The Awards

Alex Armstrong
1st Gents (H/C)
Darren Hemsley
2nd Gents (H/C)
Myles Mannix
3rd Gents (H/C)
M Cube
1st Ladies (H/C)

Barbara Giles
2nd Ladies (H/C)

Charlotte Astridge
3rd Ladies (H/C)
Artur Baran
1st Junior (H/C)
Phoebe Youseman
2nd Junior (H/C)
Aimee Lyon
3rd Junior (H/C)
Jason Byatt
1st Gents Compound (Pure)

Gordon Childs
2nd Gents Compound (Pure)
  Rosie Phillips
1st Ladies Compound (Pure)
Antony Kite
1st Gents Recurve (Pure)
  Dan Sims
2nd Gents Recurve (Pure)
Leanne Kite
1st Ladies Recurve (Pure)
  Phoebe Youseman
1st Juniors Recurve (Pure)
Adam Brown
1st Gents Barebow (Pure)
  Lexi Margerison
1st Juniors Barebow (Pure)
Darren Hemsley
Best Gold
  Antony Kite
Captains Trophy



  Position Name Score
Gents: 1st Alex Armstrong 1569
  2nd Darren Hemsley 1506
  3rd Myles Mannix 1492
Ladies: 1st M Cube 1547
  2nd Barbara Giles 1512
  3rd Rosie Phillips 1481
Juniors: 1st Artur Baran 1521
  2nd Phoebe Youseman 1501
  3rd Aimee Lyon 1481
Gents: 1st Jason Byatt 768
  2nd Grodon Childs 556
Ladies: 1st Rosie Phillips 742
Gents: 1st Antony Kite 690
  2nd Dan Sims 519
Ladies: 1st Leanne Kite 582
Juniors: 1st Phoebe Youseman 612
Gents: 1st Adam Brown 270
Juniors: 1st Lexi Margerison 204


(Closest pure score to 88% of the maximum pure score of the day...)

Antony Kite


(A very close call that had to be measured... Darren Hemsley was approx. 5mm

from the spider & Jason Byatt was approx. 8mm from the spyder!)

Darren Hemsley